About Liz

Liz Peters is an award-nominated British performer who teaches improvisation throughout Europe. She has a BA(hons) in Performance from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, trained in improvisation at iO Chicago and has spent years in the spotlight as a host and player.

In her fascination to understand why we feel and behave the way we do, she studied with some of the world’s leading experts in embodiment and in 2015 she became a certified Embodied Facilitator: understanding how the way we sit, stand and move affects the way we think and feel.  She uses her performance and embodiment background to coach people into being better communicators who are more at ease and engaging in the spotlight, and continues to explore how reconnecting mind and body allows us to be the best and happiest versions of ourselves.

Liz is Artistic Director of The Maydays, one of the leading improvisation companies in the UK, with whom she runs courses, retreats and goes into organisations to train teams in innovation, agility and communication. Previous clients include IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, Morgan Stanley, and Investec. Liz is a regular contributor on Clore Social Leadership Programmes, using her skills to help develop the leaders of the future.

She is the author of ‘Own it!’ due to be published in September.