OWN IT! : Stage Confidence Public Workshop

Determined to finally kick your worries about public speaking? Is 2020 the year you want to build your business or get promoted? You know you need to get more comfortable with being in the spotlight to progress, but… eeek!

It’s time to stop letting it hold you back. And tackling it doesn’t have to be an ordeal! Stage confidence and presence starts with you. How you feel.

This fun workshop will look at the 3 key areas that help you feel at ease in the spotlight:

Body, Breath and a sense of Playfulness  so you can feel more awesome and comfortable in your own skin on stage. It’s not about tips and tricks and trying to fake it. It’s about building confidence from the inside out.

  • Feel empowered by connecting with the body.
  • Discover tools to calm your nerves and energise.
  • Enjoy improvisation games to get in touch with your authentic, spontaneous side.
  • Learn the basics of how to use your voice with impact and connect with others.
  • Get the opportunity to practice speaking in front of people and receive helpful feedback.

In this supportive and fun environment you’ll start to liberate yourself from your gremlins about public speaking, so you can kickstart your plans to go big in 2020. The year you thrive!  Hurrah!

What can I expect?

  • Group games to release your playful side; pair and solo exercises
  • Techniques for calming anxiety and boosting confidence
  • Movement and expressing with the body
  • Working with breath and the voice
  • Speaking in front of each other
  • Personalised constructive feedback
  • Celebratory and supportive environment with a lot of laughter!

Who’s it for?

  • Age 18+
  • Those with an open mind, sense of humour and a willingness to throw themselves in
  • Those at a turning point in their career who need to embrace the spotlight to step up
  • Folk who want to feel more comfortable being themselves onstage
  • Anyone who is determined to bop their public speaking gremlins on the head!

Next Public Workshop:
Sat 7th March 2020, Brighton UK

£35 (+ booking fee)