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"Own It! How to boss your fears, free your voice and inspire the room."

Most public speaking books tell you what to do. This one can actually change the way you FEEL. 

Audiobook now available!

“more than just a public speaking book – a handbook for anyone who wants to make a difference or lead” Lauren Currie OBE

1-1 Coaching

Yes, you can own the room.

I help women feel confident about public speaking and have more presence and impact. Using embodiment and performance techniques that suit your needs, you can move through nerves and smash it when it matters. 

Contact me for a no-obligation chat.

Improvisation Course

Laugh and play.

Boost your confidence, communication and agility skills. Get better at dealing with the unexpected, ignite your authentic spark and have fun creating comedy with other humans. No experience necessary. 

Next course date to be announced.  

The Failure Room

Confidence and practise.

A playful place for you to try it out before you do it for real. Practise public speaking and build your confidence in a supportive online space, for FREE.

The Failure Room will be returning soon. 


Liz helps people have more impact and feel at ease in the spotlight; building confidence, presence and adaptability.


Liz has been performing professionally for 20 years and is an award-winning improviser and host who tours worldwide.