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"Own It! How to boss your fears, free your voice and inspire the room."

Most public speaking books tell you what to do. This one can actually change the way you FEEL. An inspiring guide to embodying confidence, mastering your presence and engaging your audience. 

Audiobook now available!

“more than just a public speaking book – a handbook for anyone who wants to make a difference or lead” Lauren Currie OBE


Liz helps people have more impact and feel at ease in the spotlight; building confidence, presence and adaptability.


Liz has been performing professionally for 20 years and is an award-winning improviser and host who tours worldwide.

Physical distance won't stop us!


As well as moving all 1-1 coaching sessions online, here are some other ways you can find confidence, presence and human connection during these crazy times:


Laugh and play.

Have fun making stuff up and having a laugh with other humans! Feel energised and uplifted.

Embodiment Circle

Connect and calm.

Movement, meditation and sharing for wellbeing. Global circles run every day, in many languages, totally FREE.


Watch and try.

Liz’s YouTube Channel ‘Bonafide Human Club’ has tips to boost confidence, find ease and feel good!