Helping you communicate better. Experience the way that small changes in how you think and react can have a huge impact on the results you achieve.

Improvisation is a fun and efficient way to develop communication and agility skills, improve productivity and teamwork. Business moves fast and by learning simple, effective improvisation techniques you can grasp the immense opportunity of the present moment, break through creative blocks and unlock your potential. The skills can be transferred to anywhere in the workplace to see improvements in confidence, communication, innovation and your ability to cope under pressure.

Having worked with a range of people from refugees to CEOs,  Liz is passionate about enabling everyone to bring their unique best selves forth in a warm, playful and non-judgemental way. Her sessions are dynamic and engaging, always tailored to suit the individual needs.

What Liz Offers


Leadership is Improvisation. Working with and through others, finding power in doubt and being agile enough to adapt to an ever changing world. See how developing the Improviser Mindset equips leaders for the challenges ahead.

Team Dynamics & Communication

Improvisation is all about collaboration. If you’re looking for a way to motivate and bond your team, these liberating sessions offer a unique opportunity for learning by stealth.  Behavioural patterns are highlighted and worked with through collaborative games, in a training session that is invigorating, enlightening and unforgettable.

Public Speaking & Presence

Being in the spotlight can be nerve-wracking. Liz helps people communicate better, feel relaxed and have more impact; working closely with the body to build confidence, ease and powerful presence. 1-1 or group sessions available.


“Great! Liz created a safe, fun and really enjoyable atmosphere, I think we were all thrilled by how much progress we were able to make.”

Fellow, Clore Social Leadership Programme

“During Liz’s workshop the participants quickly engaged with the process, and felt at ease.  By the end, all had gained enough confidence to stand up in front of The Home Secretary and deliver their pitch succinctly and with great enthusiasm. This is one of the best workshops I have witnessed and I would recommend everyone to have a go!” 

Ruth M, The Swift Project

“Incredibly interesting and engaging. It’s since made me much more conscious about how the way I move can affect my mood and my work, and the way I interact with my colleagues.” 

Caitlin F, Campaign Manager

“Our team really enjoyed the session and took a lot from it that they can apply in their work or life environment. Your team provided a safe, comfortable and fun environment”

Nikki D, Nike

Excellent. It totally blew my expectations with it’s approachable-ness and fun. Great reflection and take aways. It helped even the most anxious people shed their fears and find something in themselves they never knew they had.”

Rob B, Head of Growth 

“It opened my mind for a fresh approach and built confidence. If you want to be challenged, whilst having a really interactive and engaging session in a fun environment, everyone will gain something.”

Chris C, Commercial Manager