Everything we do is improvised. Nothing in life is scripted.liz_peters_improviser

So why not get good at it?


I offer dynamic, life changing tuition in IMPROVISATION for all levels. If you are interested in improv workshops for fun, to build your confidence or to improve the skillset of your troupe click HERE.

If would like to find out how improvisation can be used as a training tool in organisations click HERE.



As a compliment to my improv teaching I am a certified Embodied Facilitator. I work with the body to help people feel happier, more resilient and have more impact and charismatic presence. 

What is Embodiment? How we sit, stand and move affects the way we think and feel. Since the body is the most basic way we experience the world (we’re never not in it!), working with the body is the most basic way we can influence our experience of the world.

Around 95% of everything we do is unconscious, a response to instincts and patterns developed over a lifetime. Embodied training is developing awareness from the inside out so we have choice about how we feel, relate and take action.

Put simply, it is awareness and choice: How am I and how do I want to be?


I discuss improv and embodiment with best selling author and productivity ninja Graham Allcott here. What’s it all about and how is it useful; including tips for dealing with nerves, stealth negotiation tactics, boosting confidence and feeling good.