Your virtual Christmas party - sorted!

A unique year means a unique event

It’s 2020.  It’s a weird year. And so your work Christmas party is going to have to be virtual.  Uh-oh!

Think your team can’t feel connected and have fun if you’re not in the same place?

Worried a virtual event would feel really awkward?

Think again!

You can have an experience that brings people together.

That involves laughing and playing.

Where they leave feeling energised, happy and more connected, not zoom-ed out.

Let’s give them a bloody lovely time!


Unleash their playful sides and have a uniquely joyful experience your team will remember.  

Improv comedy games are the perfect way to bond your team. They are designed to raise the energy, generate laughter and have your humans get to know each other in new ways. 

  • Delight in each other’s originality
  • Feel closer as you build it all together
  • Laugh yourselves silly whilst you do it!

With big group games, smaller close-knit experiences in breakout rooms and the chance to play in front of each other to rapturous applause, there’s something for everyone.  Improv games are not just for extroverts – everyone brings their authentic responses and that’s the fun. It’s supportive, collaborative and totally unique to the peeps you have on the team.

Your team will feel good! And so will you.

*Your event will be fully hosted. You can even add in some unique musical entertainment, performed by professional improvisers and inspired by your team, for a truly one-of-a-kind personalised cabaret! *

Fun, friendly and warm. An event that brings your people together. 



  • Your end of year party is an opportunity for awards, thank yous and speeches.  I’ll host the event on the day, tying it all together so you can just turn up and enjoy it.


  • Have fun playing improv-inspired games. Spontaneous collaboration will have your team laughing and connecting in a way you never imagined possible.


Personalised musical entertainment, created by award-winning improvisers.  This one-of-a-kind cabaret, using suggestions from your team, is a chance to celebrate your people in a totally unique way.
Feedback from sessions I’ve hosted online:
A really, really great session!

Such fun – thank you for your energy and amazing games. It worked so well!

That was touching, amazing. A treasure and a gift.


I had a phenomenal time! So much fun.

Really wonderful stuff!

About your host

About your host

Liz Peters

I have decades of experience giving people a good time, having been an entertainment host on cruise ships, resorts, festivals and comedy clubs.  I’ve been teaching improv for over 10 years and running online sessions since the dawn of the pandemic so I know how to hold the room and make it fun.

Trust me, you’re in good hands. We’ll have a lovely time.

Get In Touch

Let’s give your team a bloody lovely time!



How many people?

Teams of between 4 – 20 people is ideal. Other sized groups may be possible on request.



Events take place on Zoom.


 The delightful thing about an online celebration is that you can do it anytime. It may suit you to do it during the working day, rather than feel you have to get people back again for an evening. We’ll figure it out together.


How long?

That depends on what we decide when you book. From 1 – 3 hours as a ballpark.


What’s the cost?

 Prices start from £250 for basic hosting and games.  The cost will vary depending on length of session, number of attendees, whether there is extra entertainment / staff required and other preliminary work. Contact me to discuss. 

A little bit of Christmas spirit: It’s been a rough year for us all! If your team really need some fun but your bank balance says no, get in touch. A small number of  ‘donation only’ events available for teams in (genuine!) need.


What happens? 

 I’ll host your event. We’ll talk beforehand, there will be space for you to give speeches and I can host your awards if requested. Then it’s PLAYTIME!  These are collaborative games that people can do standing or sitting. Sometimes everyone will be playing all together, sometimes in breakout rooms in pairs or smaller groups. And some can be played front of each other to rapturous applause! The games do not involve extra tech, they are all person – person, and are designed to raise the energy, generate laughter and have your humans co-create together (not a baby, co-create some fun!)

Upgrade option to add some unique musical entertainment, inspired by your team and performed by professional improvisers, for a truly one-of-a-kind personalised cabaret.


Won’t people hate improv?

Ha ha! People can be resistant to the word ‘improv’  because they think it is about making a fool of each other, or having to be ‘funny’. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Improv is about raising each other up, the humour comes from the genuine playfulness of individuals and how they surprise themselves and others. I have delivered countless sessions over the last decade and once people realise it’s a safe and pleasant place, even the cynics let go and delight each other.

An open and up-for-it mindset is best. People will have the most fun if they fully engage, so if your team is spirited and game we will have an absolute blast.

If you really think your team members will refuse to participate and sit sneering with their arms folded then it won’t be fun for anyone, so you should go for a wine-tasting event or something less interactive. No hard feelings 🙂


Booze and all that?

I would NOT recommend your team being hammered for this event, as they’ll need to be able to listen, understand and collaborate with each other. If people are very drunk it simply won’t work. So wait til after to pour the tequila in your eyeballs! 


Do people get given anything? 

Apart from a good time?! You are welcome to send presents to your staff. I do not provide physical products. The offer is virtual facilitation, hosting and performance only.