Public Speaking


You have a business or a vision and you want it to grow. In order to do that you need to share your ideas with others, yet the thought of speaking in public fills many of us with dread. In fact some studies suggest we fear public speaking more than death itself. Yikes! 

Don’t let this stand in your way! You’ve got something to offer and telling people should be a gateway to moving forward, not an obstacle. 

I run workshops and provide 1-1 coaching on owning your stage and speaking with confidence. We look at where the anxiety comes from and what we can do about it, key things to make your communication sizzle and be really effective, plus how to increase your confidence and even enjoy it!

So whether your stage is a packed conference, your brother’s wedding or pitching to one person in their office, it’s time to own it and speak your passion.

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Some tips: ‘How to Feel The Fear and Find The Fun with Public Speaking.’