Workshops and Classes

I facilitate improvisation workshops throughout the UK and Europe and I’m a certified Embodied Facilitator, using body awareness and techniques to build confidence, charisma and ease stress.

IMG_8827Whether you are an existing improv troupe looking to boost your skillset or a normal human being who just wants to enjoy life and feel more at ease, I offer bespoke sessions for all kinds of people.

Improvisation changes people’s lives.  When people discover improv it can feel like a lightbulb going on.  You can be free. You can be fearless. The skills you learn improve confidence, communication, creativity and help you cope better in stressful situations.

There are so many brilliant reasons to learn how to improvise but the bottom line is: its fun. Fun in a scary way like running downhill so fast you don’t know if you’re going to fall over or start flying. It’s drama, dance, music, comedy and poetry in one delicious, unpredictable package.

You create a world of infinite possibilities and then go and play in it.  How awesome is that?!



Feedback from students:


Liz was always buzzing with energy which kept us enthused throughout. It’s improved my general confidence especially in situations where networking is required. A fun way in which to learn new life skills, meet similar minded people and have a damn good laugh along the way. Rich

Loved all of it. Given me confidence to push myself and let go. Unmissable . Everyone should do it. Brenda

Wonderful group, great warm ups, well structured, good notes, well led. It has soaked my brain in good chemicals.  Great experience. Gus

Great feedback from Liz – gave me lots to think about and action. Awesome fun and a great challenge. Jake


If you are interested in booking a bespoke workshop please get in touch via my contact page.

To find out about regular classes, courses and weekly drop ins visit The Maydays website.

For information on using improv in business click here.