Debut Solo Show 2014:


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Get your dirty laugh ready for a feast of adult silliness, bursting with music, character and joyful vulgarity.  An uplifting show with lashings of rude buffoonery, a bit of wincing and a whole lot of fun, where saucy shenanigans and friendly posteriors are rammed up against vivid tales of Tarantino-esque murder. There will also be some exceptional wordplay to give even the most pugnacious of grammar Nazis a sense of warm gratification. Filthy, fun and crackling with energy –  it’s playtime for grown-ups!


BEST FEMALE PERFORMER nominee, Brighton Fringe Festival Awards 2014

Three Weeks  

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Behind a wide smile that never diminishes, and despite insisting that she wants to spread joy to an audience that she tells us she loves, there is a consistently miserable undercurrent to Liz Peters’ musical comedy. Her songs reflect life’s injustices and disappointments, frustrations with internet dating and Claudia Winkleman but, tempered by goofiness and relentless cheer, Peters ensures that the show never feels less than exuberant. Short bursts of stand-up material serve as extended introductions to each sing-along song. Her exaggerated expressions, her obsession with bums and the violent content of her bouncy music suggest that Peters is verging on derangement, but her show is dripping with satire and silliness. 4/5

Liz Peters was one of the people at the Misandry Madness Showcase I had seen earlier and immediately wanted to see more of. She’d done some stand-up comedy there, and it turned out that is a relatively small part of her full show.

It also turned out to be very, very good. On the afternoon I saw it, the show almost started with two of us in the audience, but there were soon more through the doors and some of them went to get friends.

The show is a mix of songs and games as well as the stand-up (or sit down) comedy. You can see some of the songs on her website, but you’ll miss her ability to improvise a song on the spot. Lots of fun and definitely recommended.


Audience Review 5/5

Having seen Liz Peters perform as one of the Maydays’ Quantum Leap improvisers, I was eager to see what she would come up with in her “one woman” show. It was a dynamic performance by a multitalented comedienne. Her hilarious observations, cleverly set to music and punctuated by acts of total silliness had me and the rest of the audience in stitches for the whole hour…….a “must see” show.


(Live photos from Toybox at Upstairs at Three and Ten, Brighton Fringe. Courtesy of Peter Williams)

Poster design: Helen Redstone

Poster image: Gemma Hall