My acting training was at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. I have played numerous acting roles on stage and screen, from divas to doctors to an actual pig.

In 2014 I was nominated BEST FEMALE PERFORMER at Brighton Fringe Awards for my self penned musical comedy show Toybox.

For a full CV of my acting work please visit my Casting Call Pro page.

I’ve been a Dalek, Tina Turner and a serial killer but my dream job would be to play a mermaid. Seriously. I would be an amazing sea creature.  I’m really good at opening my eyes underwater and doing subaquatic somersaults without getting water up my nose. And I’ve done 2 sea rescues in real life. So if you are remaking Splash get in touch!

Liz Peters acting as a Launderette GirlLiz Peters acting as CupidLiz Peters acting as a PirateLiz Peters acting as a surgeonLiz Peters acting as a nymphLiz Peters acting in Les CoccinellesLiz Peters acting in a BloodbathLiz Peters acting in To Let Liz Peters acting as doctor loveLiz Peters acting as a SirenLiz Peters acting as a lady-pigLiz Peters acting in legends