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Stealth learning through laughter! Improvisation training sparks creativity, improves communication and agility.


Liz has been performing professionally for 20 years and is an award-winning improviser and host who tours worldwide.

Want to play?  Upcoming public improv courses I’m leading:

Improv Taster - Embody Playfulness (ONLINE)

Improvisation is a liberating practice that can leave you feeling more connected, confident and alive. This 90min class will give you a taste to see if it is a feeling you’d like more of in your life.

A perfect intro for those considering improv to enrich their embodied personal development.

Limited class size. No experience necessary.

THUR 21st MARCH – 10am (GMT)

THUR 4th APRIL – 10am

Improv + Play: Embodied Practice (intro course ONLINE)

Improvisation is a fundamental life skill. It builds confidence, agility and the ability to think on your feet.

This highly interactive weekly injection of energy and laughter will help you develop your embodied presence, unlock your creativity and adapt to the unexpected. Perfect for CEC students and coaches.

Through bitesize hourly chunks you’ll re-ignite your playfulness as you learn the basics, with a nod to how these skills can be used to enhance your personal development and coaching practice.

Held in a small group to create trust, connection and belly laughs!

12 weeks: April 10th – Jun 26th 2024 – Wednesdays 10am BST (1hr) (online) 

Improv and Play (Skyros, GREECE)

Come to a creative retreat on the beautiful island of Skyros. I will be leading an Improv and Play course to get you laughing and uncovering your natural creative genius, which you can do alongside other delights.  No experience necessary.

“10 of the best health and wellness retreats in Europe” The Guardian

11-18th August 2024, Skyros, GREECE

Level 6 - Musical Monoscene (BRIGHTON)

A Monoscene is a format where a single long scene takes place in the same space and time, like an improvised one-act play with no blackouts. In this 12-week course, we’ll turn this classic improv format into a musical!  (for experienced players)

Wednesdays: 17th April – July 10th 2024 (inc half term break) 7-9:30 pm BRIGHTON

Level 2 - (BRIGHTON)

This course focuses on the building block of any improv show: the scene. Over twelve weeks, you will be introduced to common tools and building blocks of scene work. You will be bold in your leading and your following, becoming more at ease in front of an audience.

Mondays: 15th April – 8th July 2024 (inc half term break), 7:00-9:30pm. BRIGHTON

Awaken The Actor (Pandora Festival, ITALY)

It’s a kind of magic – acting skills for experienced improvisers. Connect with yourself and your scene partners to make the audience feel. Using awareness, emotion and subtext we can create uniquely touching art.

2 day workshop in English with Italian translation.
(for players with minimum 5 years improv experience)

8-9th Jun 2024, Pandora Festival, ITALY

Liz is a fantastic facilitator. You’ll feel seen, challenged, safe, creative and lighter!



You’re great, I really enjoy your classes. You build trust first, stimulate the more shy people. The little girl in me is awakened!


The Netherlands

Thank you Liz! Your course has a lot of layers and some of them are deeper and more vulnerable than expected. I appreciate how kindly you handle people’s fears.

Improv and Play attendee

It has helped me to be kinder to myself and allow myself more freedom. It has allowed me to bring play back into my life. If you want more lightness and aliveness in your life, sign up!

Improv and Play attendee

"Own It! How to boss your fears, free your voice and inspire the room."

Most public speaking books tell you what to do. This one can actually change the way you FEEL. 

Audiobook now available!

“more than just a public speaking book – a handbook for anyone who wants to make a difference or lead” Lauren Currie OBE

1-1 coaching


Yes, you can own the room.

I help women feel confident about public speaking and have more presence and impact. Using embodiment and performance techniques that suit your needs, you can move through nerves and smash it when it matters. 

Real lasting change takes time, dedication and practice.  We can build your speaking confidence and presence over several sessions. 

However, if you really need some last-minute help to get you feeling ready for a specific presentation that is coming up,  I’ve got your back!

Contact me for a no-obligation chat.